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Pet Insurance, Dog Insurance - Everything You Need To Know

Obviously every responsible owner seeks to protect their dog’s health, but unexpected accidents or the appearance of a disease, injuries, or illnesses can happen any time and the proper medical treatments can be financially demanding.

Smartest Dog Breeds - Smartest Dogs in The World

The intelligence is a very complex, complicated and interesting part of the individual. We know a lot of smartest dog breeds and the intelligence of dogs is legendary. What breeds of dogs are the smartest? You can read about these in our article.

Low maintenance dogs - Dog breeds that doesn't require too much of your time

We live in a fast-paced world. We are busy, we have no time for each other, our family and ourselves. In this way responsible animal husbandry - owning a pet - seems to be an impossible task.

Dog Names From Movies with Breed Type

Here we collected some of the most famous movies starring with Dogs. Looking for some inspiration for cool dog names from movies with breed type? Our list gives you the most popular dog movies with dog names.

Kyle Jenner Built a House For Those Who Love Her The Most

At 21 years old Kylie Jenner the American plus-size model and reality TV star is expecting her second child, however little do you know that she’s a mother and grandmother of almost 10 dogs.